Mariana Barragan Torres wins National Youth Prize for 2016
Oficina de Comunicación
August 12, 2016

The ITAM community is proud to congratulate those ITAM alumni who are members of El México que Queremos for receiving the National Youth Award in the area of Promotion of Political Culture and Democracy. The award was presented August 12, 2016.

The organization was founded in 2010 with the support of ITAM and EXITAM, and since then it has supported the Javier Beristain Scholarships. Members of the organization are: Mariana Barragán Torres (bachelor’s in 2007 and master’s in 2012 in economics; coordinator, Propuesta Ciudadana El México que Queremos; Alejandro Guillermo Sanders Sanders Villa (bachelor’s degrees in economics and political science in 2005; coordinator, El México que Queremos); Jorge Alberto Reyes Flores (bachelor’s degree in law, 2008); Rodrigo Arturo Piñeyro Aceves (bachelor’s degree in business administration, 2003); Arianna Guadalupe González Cruz (bachelor’s degree in economics, 2005) and Luis Alfonso Avalos Trujillo (bachelor’s degree in mathematics).