Latinobarómetro’s 20th anniversary celebrated
Oficina de Comunicación
May 17, 2016

Academics and analysts gathered at the ITAM to observe the 20th anniversary of Latinobarómetro, an organization that seeks answers to crucial questions across all Latin America.

Among those present were Marta Lagos, president of Corporación Latinobarómetro; Jaqueline Peschard from the Centro de Estudios Políticos at the UNAM; Ciro Murayama from the National Electoral Institute; Eduardo Bohórquez from Transparencia Mexicana; Gustavo Meixueiro from IEEPCO Oaxaca; José Gabriel Martínez, director of ITAM’s master’s program in public policy; and Edna Jaime from México Evalúa.

Participants in the panel discussions said that information and access to information is a fundamental need in the world we live in. This is why Latinobarómetro, with which different research groups and entities, including ITAM, collaborate, has helped researchers and the global community in general to be aware of the opinions of the general population of an entire region.

The speakers addressed the topics covered by the surveys, including institutional trust, economics, crime, corruption, health and the environment. To conduct the surveys and to avoid conflicts, they explained, different issues are taken into account, such as the form and context in which the surveys are carried out. Also noted was the importance of the preparation of the survey takers. New trends in surveying, such as technological innovation that helps reduce errors when data are collected, were also discussed.

They said the organization’s goal is to support democracy and free thinking in Latin America. For that reason, access to the results is free on the organization’s web site.