Company created by an ITAM alumnus wins the National Prize in Technology and Innovation
Oficina de Comunicación
December 6, 2017

Congratulations to Dr. Juan Ricardo Pérez Escamilla, founder of Eficiencia Informativa and alumnus of ITAM’s undergraduate program in economics for winning the National Prize in Technology and Innovation 2017 in the Technology Management category. It is awarded by the Federal Government, through the Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnologia  (Conacyt) and the Secretaría de Economia (SE).

Juan Ricardo Pérez Escamilla is the founder and CEO of Eficiencia Informativa, a company specializing in the monitoring, analysis, and use of knowledge through a strategic intelligence process based on means of mass communication for example, twitter, facebook , youtube, newspapers, TV, and other news websites, both national and international.

The judging committee of the prize viewed the Technology Management processes of Eficiencia Informativa model as an important source of innovation in the company’s services.

Perez Escamilla was recognized by ITAM with the Professional Merit Award in the Entrepreneur sector in 2015 for his distinguished record of more than 15 years.