Hult Prize finals held at ITAM
Oficina de Comunicación
November 26, 2015

Five teams – Urban Community Linkers, ESIE, Smart Spaces, Bright Waste, and Code Truck – competed in the final stage of the Hult Prize, which is a contest for young social entrepreneurs from universities around the world. The final event was held in ITAM’s main auditorium. Close to 150 students participated, representing all undergraduate and engineering programs.

After the projects were presented, the jury chose CodeTruck as the winner. Members of the CodeTruck team are Roberto Sánchez Ávalos, Juan Carlos Salamanca Vázquez, Mylene Cano de la Fuente and Mónica Zamudio López.

CodeTruck is a social business that aims to help youth in marginalized urban areas by teaching them computer skills through a collaborative educational system used to develop commercially viable Web products.

The goal of the Hult Prize is to foster and promote the most promising ideas that can solve local problems and can be used as models in other parts of the world.

ITAM Provost Dr. Alejandro Hernández congratulated the teams for the effort they invested in a series of initiatives that foster creativity and entrepreneurship among students who have similar goals: solving population problems in overpopulated urban spaces.

Special guest Margarita Zavala, Mexico’s first lady from 2006 to 2012, said Latin America faces the challenge of creating a solid state of law that can guarantee that those in need will be protected. To achieve that, said Zavala, Mexico requires a participative society, and events such as the Hult Prize at ITAM show a big step in that direction.

CodeTruck team members will take part in regional finals that will be held in March of 2016 in Boston. Winners at that stage will move on to the finals in New York in December, where the winner will be awarded $1 million dollars.