Alumni on magazine’s list of 30 promising professionals for a challenging year
Oficina de Comunicación
April 4, 2016

Congratulations to the ITAM alumni who were recognized in the 2016 list in Expansión magazine of the 30 most promising professionals for a challenging year.

Leticia Jauregui Casanueva
Founder of Tishi and founder and president of Crea; she earned bachelor’s degrees in economics and international relations.

Raúl Fernández Briseño
Partner at White & Case in the global area of mergers and acquisitions; undergraduate degree in law.

Gustavo Gutierrez Galindo
Founder and CEO of Broxel FinTech; bachelor’s degree in actuarial sciences.

Guillermo Zúñiga
Commissioner with the Governing Council of the Energy Regulatory Commission; undergraduate degree in law.

Juan P. Newman Aguilar
Corporate director of finance for Pemex; bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics.

Antonio Osio Tovar
Founding partner of Capital Invent; undergraduate degrees in law and economics.