2015 Health Day held at ITAM
Oficina de Comunicación
April 30, 2015

The benefits of mental and physical health and a talk by a rally car driver who endorses workouts in the gym were featured at this year’s Health Day at ITAM. The event is organized by the Direction of Institutional Development and Communication, which works with other divisions to support the well-being of the ITAM community.

During the day, several speakers touched on the fact that health care is essential for a long life. The main speaker was Benito Guerra, a Mexican rally car driver who said discipline is very important in his profession. He said the sport requires top physical health. Guerra told his audience about his background as a driver, stating that his increasingly demanding training has allowed him to reach higher levels of competition. His daily training includes both driving and going to the gym. He said lack of adequate training caused him to falter in competitions, whereas when he was in top physical fitness, he met with success, including winning the World Rally Championship-3.

Dr. Jose Manuel Garibay Orozco spoke about mental health, including cases involving psychological disorders. He delved into issues such as self-harm, bullying, abuse and neglect, as well as the importance of screening, prevention and treatment of these disorders.

For more on the talks and issues related to a healthy life, visit this link: salud.itam.mx

Dr. Paloma Cobo, a psychologist with a specialty in psychoanalytical psychotherapy, used statistics to demonstrate an alarming increase in risk behavior among college-aged youth.

The ABC Medical Center, through its neurological and nutritional centers, presented a talk regarding post-traumatic stress disorders, stress, mental health, and above all, healthy nutrition.

Alejandra Texcahua Salazar talks about integrating sports into one’s life. She recommends daily exercises.

The Foundation of Vascular Disease Research Foundation’s presentation was on the importance of creating and maintaining habits to improve vascular health. Exams to diagnose vascular disease were conducted in the upper floor of the faculty lounge.